Events and Logistics

High-quality solutions for behind the scenes

Organising an event involves so much, especially when it comes to logistics. Even behind the scenes, Trailer Made is the perfect partner for providing unique solutions for every organisational challenge.

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Mobile office

With our well-equipped office trailer, you can benefit from the convenience of a complete workspace at any location. Featuring excellent office furniture by Buro Market, our Road Office can be adapted for all conceivable purposes. Need on-site administration, an editing room at a sports event or just a temporary office location? This mobile office is just the solution you are looking for!

  • Ergonomic furniture

  • With a small kitchen and a functional meeting room

  • Monitors and Wi-Fi connection available

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Sleeping on location

Renting hotel rooms can be a costly business. Having your own sleeping facilities is therefore a great solution. Wherever you happen to be. The Trailer Made sleep trailer consists of four rooms, equipped with comfortable furniture for a perfect stay! Ideal for logistics employees, team building sessions, sports events etc.

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