Interaction with your clients, wherever you like!

An information point or shop on the road? That’s possible with our multifunctional unit with a very professional appearance. We provide the look & feel of your brand. The premium glass provides a very sleek look.

The Promobox 25ft is equipped with:

Premium glued glass panels which provide a very sleek look. Separate technical room in which the electricity supply as well as the outdoor unit for the air conditioning were built in. A wall model air conditioning as well as a 55" Smartscreen Samsung The Frame are among the standard equipment of this vehicle.

An electric double door was built on the long side. 1 short side was also equipped with a single entrance door

High quality vinyl floor covering.

Over the entire length of the unit, electricity rails were provided in which additional LED lighting (spotlights or tubes) can easily be provided.

construction time: 25'

Length: 7.65m

Width: 5m

Height: 2.95m

Self-drive? nee