Interaction with your clients, wherever you like!

A showroom on the move? No problem! There are two entrances in the transverse side of the trailer. This allows you to receive customers or guests from the front and they can leave the trailer from behind at the end of the visit. This sleek Glassbox with premium E20 glass looks extremely professional! We provide the look & feel of your brand.

The Glassbox 40ft is equipped with:

The Glassbox is equipped with two electric doors on the front and back of the transverse side, each of which can be reached by built-in stairs. Two air conditioning units ensure a pleasant climate. The 40ft Glassbox requires no set-up time. If the surface is not sufficiently flat, the integrated hydraulic legs can be used that can straighten the trailer.

construction time: 5'

Length: 12.19m

Width: 2.43m

Height: 3.98m

Self-drive? nee