The perfect information point at any location

The Mobile Sales Booth is a compact cab that you can use for B2B and B2C purposes. This trailer has been constructed so that you can talk to customers at both the front and the back. Ideal for providing more people with a faster and more efficient service. The two compartments are separated from each other by a wall with an LCD television screen. This creates a sufficient sense of privacy for the best service.

mobile sales booth

The Mobile Sales Booth is equipped with:

Your identity, your sales booth The Mobile Sales Booth is easy to transport via trailer and is installed on the spot with a simple system. Both on the front and back there is a hatch with which you can close the pass points. The Mobile Sales Booth is fully white by default, but can easily be adjusted to your branding via livery.

Ideal for fairs, festivals or sporting events!

construction time: 10'

Length: 2.4m

Width: 4.71m

Height: 2.4m

Self-drive? nee