Office on wheels

Ergonomic design for optimum comfort

This trailer is a fully equipped mobile office unit, so you don’t have to set up office on location. Thanks to its versatility it can be used for a variety of purposes. Need a place to do your administration at a trade fair, an editing room at a sports event or a temporary office during construction works? This trailer offers you lots of possibilities!

The Office on wheels is equipped with:

A completely mobile office unit, in case you need a fully working office on location. This trailer is equipped with excellent equipment, supplied by office specialist Buro Market, from ergonomic chairs and desks to a kitchen and functional meeting room with screens and Wi-Fi connection. This multi-purpose Office on wheels is always ready to roll!

  • Wooden lockers, with a depth of 45 cm, and a width of 48.6 cm

  • Different benches for meetings

  • Sitflex Pro Air office chairs, equipped with a synchronous mechanism, lockable in 5 positions with adjustable resistance, lateral lever and anti-kickback protection

  • Ergonomic Löffler chairs with dynamic seat (Ergo-Top)

  • E-meeting office for audiovisual communication

  • Cubic reception desk with minimalist design

  • Sitting and standing desks

Powered by Buro Market

Our mobile office was designed in collaboration with Buro Market. Thanks to some clever design and layout choices the trailer offers a pleasant and safe working atmosphere, resulting in better concentration, improved performance and an increase in productivity. Ideal for employee and employer!

High-quality, ergonomic standard

The most common ailments at the office? Back, wrist, neck and shoulder problems. These are mostly due to incorrect posture or a non-ergonomic workplace. A clear vision on safety, comfort, health and a few adjustments to the work material ensure a pleasant working environment for everyone.

Dynamic working: the ideal combination

50% Sedentary work
25% standing work
25% movement

Ergonomic workstations are ideal to prevent physical complaints. That is why we carefully selected the right furniture and tools when developing the trailer, guaranteeing the best possible comfort. Because if you spend an average of 7 hours at your desk, you deserve the best. Sitting/standing desks, ergonomic seats: this trailer is has everything to make your working day wonderful.

  • Office chairs that prevent back tension

  • Palm and wrist supports to reduce pressure on joints

  • Monitor and laptop stands to relieve neck strain

  • Manually and electrically adjustable (standing) desks for dynamic working comfort