Ergonomic design for optimum comfort

This mobile office unit is fully furnished so that you do not waste time when employing your office ‘on the go’. Thanks to its multi-usability, you can also use this trailer for different objectives. Arranging local administration at a trade fair, an editorial room during a sports event or a temporary solution in case of lack of space in the office … It’s all possible!

The Office on wheels is equipped with:

A complete mobile office unit to use as a workspace. This trailer is fully equipped with excellent office equipment, supplied by Buro Market. From ergonomic chairs and desks to a kitchen and functional meeting room with screens and WiFi connection. Fully ready to use so as not to waste unnecessary time.

Wooden lockers, with a depth of 45 cm and a width of 48.6 cm

Different benches for meetings and conferences

Sitflex Pro Air office chairs, equipped with a synchronous mechanism, lockable in 5 positions with adjustable resistance with lateral lever and anti-kickback protection

Löffler ergonomic chairs with dynamic seat (Ergo-Top)

E-meeting agency for audiovisual communication

Cube reception desk with minimalist design

Sitting and standing desks

construction time: 15'

Length: 16.4m

Width: 3.8m

Height: 4m

Self-drive? nee