We Take Your Brand to Where the Action Is!

Move your brand as never before. With creative on-the-road experiences that get your ideas straight to your target group. Activations that are perfectly tailored to your company or product. From the creative planning stage to the final execution, we turn your project into a success.

Move your audience

Promoting your brand, facilitating your event, at Trailer Made we design unique, impactful moments to truly make your brand stand out.

  • Vision:
    ‘high-quality’ brand experiences that actively involve your target group and make you discover your brand.

  • Mission:
    Creating activations through a complete and open communication with the customer. Always flexible and accessible.

  • Experience:
    Our many years of experience make us experts in the field of sense & feel. Due to our extensive experience we know exactly how to reach your target group by appealing to their emotions and senses. As a result, they will experience your brand in a totally unique way.

Together we connect people with your brand, in the way you have in mind. Technical wizards, creative minds, administrative prodigies … our team always offers a perfect match for your project, no matter how unique or complex.

How we work

Whether you need us to transform one of our existing trailers into your very own promotional platform or come up a completely new concept, at Trailer Made we gladly take on any challenge. And we always make sure both the exterior and interior of your trailer has maximum impact on your target group.

We like it when things run smoothly. That is why we monitor every project from A to Z. You can count on all your ideas and wishes being heard. Planning, budget, permits and deadlines … we keep a close eye on the details to make sure every single project becomes a success.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, our technical installations are perfectly tailored to the experience you have in mind. Based on your specific wishes, we create the design that enhances your brand experience to the max. 3D-Design, stickering and implementation: we take care of it all!

Not only do we make sure that everything runs smoothly indoors, we also take care of on-site handling. Transport, relocation, connection … we make sure that your trailer is ready to go.