Receive your best customers at height!

An information point or showroom at height, a VIP box at height ? This is perfectly possible with our Skybox 360°. Glass on all sides giving you a perfect 360° view at a height of 8m? The glassbox can be set up at will, without any restrictions in terms of weight.

The Skybox 360° is equipped with:

An easy to maintain floor Handy staircase that allows your guests to leave the box when it is at a height of 8 meters. 2 rails in which LED spotlights can be installed over the entire length of the box. Sockets are provided in every corner Ceiling was finished with a stretch cloth, which can also be printed with color. Access via 1 double door on the front side.

construction time: 30'

Length: 8m

Width: 4.9m

Height: 8.3m

Self-drive? nee