Create your very own promo trailer, together with Trailer Made

Want to build your very own project, from scratch? At Trailer Made we’ll accept any challenge! Together with you we’ll create a completely new trailer and/or technical installation that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. From design, technical drawings and calculations, to execution and finish: we have an expert for every single task. That way your project is in good hands, from A to Z.

Project: the Coca-Cola Freestyle Container

Do you really want to ‘stand out’? Then have a look at our customised Coca-Cola trailer! The soft drink giant asked us to transform a 20 ft. industrial container into a mobile stand offering refreshments at every possible location.

From festival grounds, to busy squares and beaches: this container is now used all over Europe to have youngsters discover and experience the full Coca-Cola range. One concept, which combines experience, discovery and brand recognition.

The Freestyle Container was completely built in-house. Apart from 4 Freestyle Dispenser Machines, it contains air conditioning, a deep freezer (600 litres) and a 1000-litre water barrel to supply the machines. On the outside it comes with different LED screens, both on top of the container and the sides, and 4 Samsung QLED screens next to the dispensers.

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