Create your own custom-made promo trailer, together with Trailer Made

Want to assemble a project completely from scratch? At Trailer Made, we accept every challenge. Together with you, we develop brand new trailers and technical installations, custom made to your planned activation. From design, technical drawings and calculations to implementation and finishing; we have all the experts required to manage every project from start to finish.

Project: the Coca-Cola Freestyle Container

Want to really stand out? With this activation stand, everyone will see Coca-Cola! Specially for this soft drink giant, Trailer Made built a 20 ft industrial container to provide a mobile activation stand which can serve refreshments at any location.

From festivals to busy market squares and beaches: this container is used all over Europe to enable young people to discover the diversity of the Coca Cola range. Experience, discovery and brand familiarity come together in one concept.

The Freestyle Container is built entirely in house. Besides the 4 Freestyle Dispenser Machines, it also contains air conditioning, a freezer (600 litres) and a 1000 litre water barrel to refill the machines. On the outside, the container has various led screens, both on top of the container and on the sides, and 4 QLED Samsung screens besides the dispensers.

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