Create space for your brand

With the Double Pod, you get more space with one trailer. The sliding walls on either side make this trailer ideal for a range of purposes. Product launches, trade fairs, demonstrations, events, receiving VIPs or professional relations… there is an option for every application. The Double Pod also has a small kitchen. Always useful! The image of the Double Pod can also be fully aligned to the look & feel of your brand ensuring that this trailer provides the ultimate brand experience for your clients.

The Double Pod is equipped with:

The raised zone on the gooseneck is equipped with a lockable kitchenette, which has a hob and sink + handy cupboard space. It also has a separate air conditioning unit. The lower landscape room is also equipped with an air conditioning unit A double entrance door along one of the extendable glass sections. The kitchenette is accessed through a separate door on the gooseneck. All the windows on this trailer have tinted window film. High-quality vinyl floor covering on both the higher and lower areas of the trailer. The layout of the trailer can be adapted to your wishes.

Assembly time: 20'

Length: 13.6m

Width: 4.6m

Height: 3.5m

Self drive? nee