Easy to use sleep trailers

Need a place to sleep, but no immediate accommodation options? The Trailer Made sleep trailers enable you to create a comfortable sleeping arrangement exactly where you need it. The compactness of the trailer makes this ‘bed on wheels’ suitable for any locations. So, ideal for the backstage area of events, tournaments, festivals or concerts. In fact, our sleep trailers have been used during the construction of the Tomorrowland site.

These attractive sleeping amenities are the perfect logistic solution for multi-day events. Each trailer can accommodate 8 people, thanks to the four sleeping areas with bunk beds. Besides the beds, each area also has a small workspace and two lockers with a combination lock for optimum security. Optimal comfort and efficiency.

Bed on wheels is equipped with:

A flexible sleep trailer for use in many different events. This sleep trailer can be installed wherever you need to stay the night, and in any location, for optimal convenience of your employees. Every trailer contains four separate rooms with bunk beds and desk for maximum comfort. Ideal for logistics employees, team building sessions, sports events etc.

  • Assembly time: 15 minutes

  • Dimensions: 13.6 m x 2.5 m x 4 m

  • Self Drive? NO